Scott Davis former NFL Raider Has More On The Oakland Raiders Moving Back To The L.A. Market

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Not much time is left in 2015 for the NFL‘s  to get a NFL franchise to return to the LA market. At least not for the 2016 season. Enter once more  the Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Robert Iger who is doubling down on his determination to bring the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders Los Angeles.

Iger is not shy about making his efforts and feelings known. “I’ve been selling hard,” Iger said Thursday as he shared his first public statements on the matter. For those not aware the Chargers and Raiders publicized his in November he was involved in an effort to move the two NFL teams to a new- not yet built stadium- in Carson California.

It is an interesting situation to be sure. Iger, who has 2 years left on his contract with Disney, has emphatically agreed to step in and spearhead the NFL efforts if in fact the League owners select Carson instead of the Inglewood stadium proposal sought by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Part of an Iger-NFL deal stipulates he would only take$1 in salary in such a partnership but would receive an ownership stake in the Chargers and Raiders. Very interesting indeed.

Apparently Iger is a longtime NFL fanatic and has stated he had been a Packer fan since a he was a young boy. And if anyone were to question his love for the Green Bay Packer he’ll just point to the bust of Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi he has just outside his Disney headquarters office.

Iger was available to multiple media outlets past Thursday where Disney has its Burbank, California Headquarters. He gave a 30 minute interview with print reporters. Iger stated he was originally approached by the Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, while meeting with him in L.A. this past summer.

According to Iger the gist of that conversation went like this…”He (Richardson) asked whether I’d be interested in helping very specifically the partnership of the Raiders and Chargers move to L.A., develop a stadium, reposition themselves here”. “I engaged in conversations with Jerry, and then with both entities.”

So that relationship may possibly ruffle some feathers throughout the league based on the fact that Richardson is a member of the Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities, which is composed of six owners who make recommendations to the other 26 owners around the NFL. Can you csay conflict of interest? It is -or was- generally assumed that these committee members are neutral, objective, whatever. Richardson has openly claimed he backs the Carson project.

Iger say however that he did not immediately inform the league he had had those early conversations with Richardson. “When Jerry approached me, he asked for some degree of confidentiality. I didn’t discuss it until much later with the league.”

The NFL has January 12-13 on the calendar to hold a special meeting in Houston when owners could vote on weather or not the St Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have fulfilled their respective relocation requirements. They will also vote on various aspects of the two L.A. plans. For such plans to pass muster, any such initiative requires the approval of a three-quarters majority of NFL owners, which means 24 votes. Iger is not saying definitively if he will attend the Houston meetings.

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Scott Davis former NFL Raider Has More On The Oakland Raiders Moving Back To The L.A. Market

Scott Davis LA Raider on California’s Oakland Raiders with 4th Overall NFL Draft Pick Select Amari Cooper

Scott Davis Oakland Raider reports on First Day of the NFL Draft for Mark Davis, Reggire McKenzie and the Raiders

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Camps were divided about where Amari Cooper would land via the NFL Draft held in Chicago for the first time in the last 5 decades.

The wide receiver Cooper was selected 4th by the Oakland Raiders in the draft’s first round.

There was talk of Cooper being selected as the third pick but it wasn’t so. Several experts felt Cooper might go to Jacksonville Jaguars, but they chose Florida defensive lineman Dante Fowler.

Cooper elected to set up camp in Tuscaloosa for the highly promoted night. He wanted to stay away from the limelight and glitz of the network event and relax among friends and family.

Cooper, being the fourth pick, is the highest an Alabama player has been drafted post Trent Richardson who went No. 3 in 2012. Alabama’s boasts a respective top-10 pick in 6 of the past 7 drafts. Alabama has had sixteen first-rounders in the last 5 years.

Cooper is highly touted talent. “He’s one of my favorite players that I’ve had the privilege to coach,” Alabama offensive coordinator and former Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin tweeted. “Best of luck Coop!”

As an Oakland Raider, Cooper will have the benefit of teaming up with veteran Michael Crabtree. The Raiders signed Crabtree, who has been in the league for 6 season, earlier in the month of April. Cooper will also team up with former Alabama running back Trent Richardson who also inked a contract with the Raider Organization this spring.

“His skill set, I mean, he can run a route,” Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie said. “It seems like he can do that with his eyes closed. He’s exceptionally quick, fast. He understands the game. You can tell the guy’s been playing football and playing that position all his life. You can tell that.”

While playing for Alabama, Amari Cooper shattered every notable receiver record and did so in just three football seasons. He made 124 catches last season which upended an SEC record and gained 1,727 yards laying waste to all the school’s collegiate football marks. Cooper, as a third year college player, elected to enter the draft this past January.

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Scott Davis LA Raider on California’s Oakland Raiders with 4th Overall NFL Draft Pick Select Amari Cooper

Scott Davis Raider NFL Daft Insights on Oakland Raiders Upcoming Draft Strategy.

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Sourced from Brian Flores

The Raiders went 3-13 last year and the good of it is they will have advantageous NFL Draft positioning this spring. The team has not had a down in the postseason in more than 10 years; it seems rather apparent their priority should be to rebuild and this NFL Draft will go a long way, or should go a long way, to ensure the process continues. The strategy, assuming there is one, began with the Raiders free-agency activities; it went well by most terms. The draft however puts the organization more in the driver’s seat with a high position pick per round that provides, at the very least, leverage to make/ add much needed improvements.

Sometimes its easier said than done so the Raiders need to show they have the ability to set the team in the right direction and it begins with actions over words. GM McKenzie and crew have had time to prepare and to take advantage of pro-days, film-watching, and meetings with players and experts prior to this point. The Raiders are set  to make significant changes and additions to the roster and rise from their win less previous decade. It may seem straight forward but without the proper vision and well coordinated plan for the future it could prove to be a series of catastrophic blunders. I’m betting on the Raiders to come away with an array of new game-changing talent.

Its easy to pick the obvious players with track records to back their worth but history shows that the brilliance resides in the ability to see the forest for the trees and find the promising players with talent that may still be in its infancy and flying under the radar as of yet. The immediate more pressing key is bringing in young men who, as hopeful starters, can quickly impact the team’s ability to add more wins through this coming season. But for new picks that are non-starters it is critical to find those with the potential to blossom under the tutelage of a quality organization and coaches.

The Raiders are off on the right foot with a good 2014 draft class and an excellent assemblage including the newly acquired 2015 free agent class.

The NFL Draft will be held in Chicago inside the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University as opposed to New York where its been since 1965. A quick breakdown of the calender of events is: 1st round begins April 30 at 8 p.m. ET, 2nd and 3rd rounds May 1 at 7 p.m. ET, and rounds 4-7 on May 2nd.

The NFL announced, as of April 14th 26, the players that will appear at the draft in Chicago and many are expected to be 1st round choices.

QBs Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota and wide receiver Amari Cooper, are said not to traveling to Chicago for the Draft.

The Raiders will have the 3rd or 4th picks in all seven rounds unless of course trades are made during the course of the three days. This is a big plus for the Raiders as they will be positioned to make some very effective team-changing choices that will further set the tone for their future

The Raiders have key needs at the Wide Receiver, Defensive End, Guard, Cornerback, Safety, Middle Linebacker positions

Raiders desperately need a Wide Receiver

The stats in 2014 speak for themselves. To start, no 2014 Raider receiver went over 700 yards

A few receivers are fairly solid talents but none stepped up as a standout by league standards. They need a true No. 1 receiver who can deliver big plays consistently, could compliment Derek Carr, and raise the level of play for the entire pass attack which would raise the offensive game as a whole.

It would be a shock if the Raiders didn’t give primary attention to snagging a wide out with their first two picks of the draft.

Raiders need a Defensive End

So the Raiders were ok against the run last season.

But their pass rush was a big yawn. They fell way short with just 22 sacks Oakland finished tied for second-worst in the league with only 22 sacks which only added pressure to the rest of the defense. They need more sacks and pressure on opposing quarterbacks to allow the rest of the defense, especially the secondary, to thrive.

Raiders need a Guard

Oakland has put together a very good offensive line, but need stand-out talent at right guard. Rodney Hudson and Gabe Jackson are solid and a right guard will allow a stronger run attack up the middle. The Oakland run game was more than dismal last season especially up the middle where running backs were consistently shut down.

Good Luck to the Raiders

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Scott Davis Raider NFL Daft Insights on Oakland Raiders Upcoming Draft Strategy.

Former Raider Scott Davis on Adrian Peterson to Oakland Raiders: Vikings Asking for A Lot

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Some info sourced by Kevin Saito Article

The Raiders GM may have wished to craft a killer deal for Minnesota Viking’s running back Adrian Peterson but the reality may prove far from the dream. Wishful thinking, it seems , isn’t enough to trump the price tag associated with such a deal or what’s most important for the teams future.

Since the news of his reinstatement, the buzz and conjecture about Peterson’s future took a life of its own. Was his home to remain with the Vikings? Would Minnesota really consider a trade deal? What team might be in the mix for such a deal? It has been suggested that Dallas is a strong candidate to become the next team where the running back may end up. But then the buzz cranked up and into the mix came the Oakland Raiders who may be vying for the talents of Peterson.

The reports were enough to light up the wires and the Raider Nation was certainly energized by the possibility

However, ESPN’s Adam Caplan’s report may be enough to put a rest to the hype regarding an Oakland Raider deal.

In Caplan’s original report, he suggests the Vikings are – as many of us believed they would – asking for a king’s ransom to let Peterson wear anybody else’s colors for the 2015 season. It’s not enough that the team would have a very sizable chunk of cash taken off of their books for the season – nearly $13 million dollars – allowing the pursuit other free agents, but the Vikings are seeking a first round draft pick, and a starting caliber of cornerback. And if they can’t get a high quality corner, their biggest area of need, they may fall back on a second round pick as they seem confident they can get a starting corner in the second round.

In the end not only will a suitor team have eat up an enormous amount of payroll space based on the prerequisites of a Peterson’s contract, which is close to $50 million over the 3 NFL season, but they will also be forced to give up a 1st and 2nd a round pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.

Could the Raiders afford such a savory deal for Adrian Peterson? The Raiders do have the bank at this point so is such a decision likely?

The larger question is the fact that the Raiders would be parting with such valuable draft picks to make such deal happen. The Raiders certainly seem positioned to afford it financially, which has a lot to do with Raider GM McKenzie’s deft oversight of the cap. Giving up a fourth pick in the first round however, is nothing to sneeze at.

Outside his past issues, Peterson is a special talent as a running back. He could step in a infuse new energy and bring instant and sizeable production to Oakland’s running attack. Additionally it would likely open up the passing game for the Raider QB Carr and his cadre of receivers.

One downside that must not be overlooked is Peterson’s age. At 30 years old he is old for a NFL running back. Even if he stays healthy and productive for the remainder of contract the Raiders end up with an older running back and the odds may start to diminish greatly for any team to be willing to lay out that kind of money later on for such a player?

History shows that the years of pounding on a running backs body starts to take a toll on running backs in this age bracket. But its Adrian Peterson so who knows for sure. Either way being away for a season could have impact on ability to produce at previous year’s levels.

Let’s look at some very impressive stats to put it in perspective. In 2012, Peterson rushed for 2,097 yards averaging about 6.0 yards per carry. In 2013 he finished the season with 1,266 yards and a 4.5 yards per carry average. It still amazing but is it a sign of diminishing returns? Can he return to the same level of play?

Should a team such as the Raiders continue to build for the future or take a short detour and add a veteran like Peterson to the ranks for a few seasons?

Raider Fans want winning seasons, division championships and super bowls so many may advocate for a talent such as Peterson. Being short-sighted could deliver some excitement in the near future but a short-sighted approach may lead to short-lived success and then you end right back where you started.

GM McKenzie has his work cut out for him. Short term vs long term seems to be the proverbial two carrots hanging before him. Quick fixes versus rebuilding this team for the long haul are opposing strategies that must keep him up at night. Avoiding this deal however would help us all sleep better even if we don’t see it now.

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Former Raider Scott Davis on Adrian Peterson to Oakland Raiders: Vikings Asking for A Lot

Scott Davis on Running Back Free Agency, Oakland Raiders | Oakland Raiders coach Del Rio wants Trent Richardson to Recapture ‘hunger like you had at Alabama’

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Mark Ingram, Trent Richardson and Eddie Lacy on the Alabama Football team in 2010, all on the depth chart as running backs. The New Orleans Saints Ingram went to the Pro Bowl last season, Green Bay Packers Lacy reached 1,000 rushing yards in each season as a professional and Cleveland Browns 2012 NFL Draft pick Richardson is in many circles a pricey bust for the money.

In three seasons at Alabama however the stats read… Ingram rushed for 3,261 yards, Richardson 3,130 and Lacy 2,402. No one would have imagined he would now be so unproductive compare to his two former college teammates. But America loves a comeback.

Richardson has a new NFL home in the Oakland Raiders. The Raiders also have a new coach in Jack Del Rio. Del Rio believes in Richardson and feels he\ can regain his edge, tap into that great talent and kick-start his career produce the results he did in his heyday at Alabama. Del Rio seems to feels quite strongly that it’s a mental hurdle that can be conquered.

Del Rio said of the conversation with Richardson, “My challenge to him was: ‘Look, I don’t want you to worry about anything other than coming in here and competing your butt off every day. Come in here and be a great teammate, come in here and find a role on special teams, come in here and just grind every day with a hunger like you had as a freshman at Alabama. I really believe if he can recapture that, then he has a chance to maximize that potential. And that potential is great, but why worry about what it may turn into? Let’s just work day to day, being a great teammate, being unselfish, working your tail off every day and see where it takes you.”

Richardson was let go by the Colts on March 12 and became a Raider on March 17. A confident and energized Richardson said, in the small space of time between teams, that “My next step, I’ll be the starter.”

Del Rio said Oakland’s running backs are contending for their respective roles in the Raiders’ offense. Oakland began official offseason training this Monday with strength and conditioning work last week.

Latvius Murray carried the ball just 6 times in Oakland’s first 10 games last year. But he broke out in the final 6 games of the season to earn himself the role as the starting running back by seasons end. In the last six games of the 2014 season, he ran for 413 yards and two touchdowns on 76 carries and caught 14 passes for 124 yards.

The Raiders also brought in free agent running back Roy Helu this past month. Helu rushed 40 times for 216 yards and one touchdown and caught 42 passes for 477 yards and two touchdowns for the Redskins in 2014.

Richardson gained 519 yards on the ground including 3 touchdowns on 159 carries and caught 27 passes for 229 yards in 2014 with the Colts.

Del Rio wants these guys to compete for the position going into the 2015 season. “I think having some solid depth, having guys in there that have done it, that can step up in protection, that can be reliable targets getting out of the backfield on third down, those are important qualities. Adding the ability to cover kicks and do things on special teams, that’s important. Not everybody can be the guy that scores the touchdown. We have other things that have to be done and we’re going to ask our guys to be unselfish, to play hard and play together. We just talked about three good players that will have a chance to compete for their roles and create opportunities for themselves to be heavily involved.”

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Scott Davis on Running Back Free Agency, Oakland Raiders | Oakland Raiders coach Del Rio wants Trent Richardson to Recapture ‘hunger like you had at Alabama’

Tyvon Branch: Latest News, Rumors and Speculation on Free-Agent

by Timothy Rapp

With the Oakland Raiders officially cutting Tyvon Branch, per The Associated Press (via Fox Sports), the oft-injured safety is now one of the intriguing players on the market for teams looking to bolster their roster before free agency begins next week.

Branch has played in just five games over the past two years due to injuries, accumulating 34 tackles and two sacks in that time. The 28-year-old has spent his entire seven-year career with the Raiders and was excellent from 2009-12, registering at least 94 tackles in each of those seasons while totaling six sacks and three interceptions in those campaigns.

For teams looking to avoid a bidding war for high-priced free agents at safety, like Devin McCourty, Branch is an interesting option. While his injury concerns will give teams pause and it’s arguable that Branch isn’t really the versatile safety that modern NFL defenses crave—he’s better suited playing in the box—he’s never been a liability covering tight ends or even receivers in man-to-man coverage.

Of course, his ability to play that style was before injury woes kept him largely out of the lineup for the better part of two seasons. Now, teams have to not only determine if he’s worth the risk but just how much they’ll be willing to pay to take that chance.


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Tyvon Branch: Latest News, Rumors and Speculation on Free-Agent