Scott Davis update on Oakland Raiders rumored intersted in Colin Kaepernick

Scott Davis former LA Raider

This coming offseason just weeks away, the San Francisco 49ers are likely to part with their quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Its not really shocker to anyone who witnessed Kaepernicks performance this 2015 season. with that in mind its also worth noting that one NFL franchise is rumored to possibly be paying attention.The Oakland Raiders, have been rumored to be watching closely although it may not hold much water to Raider followers. 

the raiders have a quarterback and are pleased with thier starter. Derek Carr has proven he is the go-to guy and the undisputed franchise qb this year. however it does not preclude the team for going after the San Fran QB as a backup. and that wouldnt necessarily be a bad move. for now however Carr has continued toimprove jsut a short time beyond his rookie year. He has brought the Oakland offense to a place where they are worthy opponennts not to be taken lightly. 

Currently Oakland’s’ go-to backup is Matt McGloin. He brings NFL experience to the roster although he isnt necessarily a standout option in the eyes of many. the issue may be that he isnt one to implode if he were on the field he isnt considered a best option for taking the team to great heights. Kaeprnick on the other hand has the experience and the chops to be a play maker 

the question under the scenario of a raider acquisition would largely depend on no other team in the League want Kaepernick as thier starter. this isnt likely. so the Oakland Raiders and Kaepernick could just be a deal that could materialize. 

theres also a history between Mark Davis and his interest in Kaepernick prior to the 2011 NFL Draft. word is that Davis wanted to draft him but then the 49ers traded up to snag him. Additionally, for such a deal to be penned and the Raiders did in fact make a bid for Keapernick the QB would have to be comfortable with stepping into a a new environment as a number 2. could be a big hurdle for a guy who surely believes he’s starter material.

Scott Davis update on Oakland Raiders rumored intersted in Colin Kaepernick

Scott Davis Feels The Oakland Raiders Fan Pain On Looming Stadium Deals

by Scott Davis Oakland Raiders NFL Football

The Raider die-hard arrived last night looking like extras right from a movie set filming another Mad Max Movie. They donned shoulder pads and hardhats with spikes, various kinds of Raider Nation masks, and silver and black face paint. In total approximately 400 920x920fanatics of the Oakland Raiders came together in solidarity at the historic Paramount Theater this past Thursday night to show an aligned front for the NFL’s 3rd and last public hearing on the pressing issue of whether or not the Raiders will be moving the team to another city.

It actually was the finale in a culmination of tours for league officials who managed to fit in 3 major cities in three consecutive evenings and included a stop in St. Louis, San Diego and Oakland. The stomp had NFL execs listening to the protests, objections, criticisms along with heartfelt appeals and stories from fans eminently troubled that their respective teams will uproot and resettle in Los Angeles California.

Fan attendees were expected by many to to be animated in their disdain and to be outright disruptive at the public meeting in Oakland California. Some felt it might be a version of the rowdy fandom that often takes place in the Black Hole, which is a well know section in the Oakland Coliseum where avid and outspoken fans show their passion during Raider games. It turned out to be quite the opposite with attendees showing respect for the process. One particular display of Raider loyalty had the fans collectively forming O’s with their arms at one point in the 3 hour event. The fans rose, formed “O’s and delivered a group recitation of every verse of “Autumn Wind” which is well known to be the Raiders’ unofficial anthem.

The total tally of Raider Fans in the end were reported to be 382 attendees. The remaining attendees were media or league officials with 60 more people showing up at various points through the duration of the public hearing. In St. Louis league officials estimated the total attendance was near eight hundred and San Diego has a showing of around four hundred and fifty to five hundred.

There were designated podiums fixed with microphones on each edge of the main stage where avid and impassioned folks offered their made their remarks, observations and questions directed to National Football League executives. That group included League executive VP Eric Grubman, VP of corporate development Chris Hardart, senior VP of public policy Cynthia Hogan, and a league attorney Jay Bauman.

What stood out about the Raider’s public hearing was the fac1024x1024 (1)t that owner Mark Davis made the effort to be there. Davis walked on stage specifically, it seemed, to welcome the loyal fans of his Raider organization. Fans very much appreciated his willingness to be so publically involved and for that he receive a warm and enthusiastic standing ovation. Davis then proceeded to sit with the Raider fans for the entirety of the three hours it took to complete the public proceedings.

One such fan approached the microphone and pointedly told Davis that the fans have had his back and then followed with a remark questioning if Davis had their back? At that moment Davis walked up to one of the two microphones and made his pitch. “We need help from the community as well to get something that our fans and the NFL can be proud of. We don’t have that right now.” “We’ve been trying for at least the past six years, every day, hundreds of hours, people in this organization trying to get something done.”

It is a well know in most circles that the Oakland Raider organization has aligned with the San Diego Chargers to aggressively pursue plans to build a new stadium in Carson California. Likewise the Rams owner, going solo, has put forth another large scale plan to bring a new stadium to Inglewood California.

The reality is that most fans are somewhat aware that these types of meeting may just be for show. They must understand that these quickly schedule public showings may be more smoke and mirrors than a genuine platform to allow fans to exert real influence over the outcome. One fan stated: “We are here to do our part, like everybody else did in San Diego and St. Louis. I don’t expect anything more than, ‘We did our job. We were your therapist for three hours. We wrote some stuff down.'”

1024x1024 (2)

So in the end the diehards made tier case to league and team officials. They made it overtly clear they wanted their team to remain. The underlying sentiment in Oakland, as it was in St. Louis and San Diego, was that the respective markets are bubbling with vibrant fans who certainly are very capable of showing support their respective NFL teams.

Scott Davis Feels The Oakland Raiders Fan Pain On Looming Stadium Deals

Scott Davis looking forward to the Oakland Raiders taking on the Denver Broncos.

by Scott Davis Los Angeles Raiders 

First I have to say the Raiders are a better team than the Bears. If only do-overs were a real thing. Oh well, onward we go….

This coming weekend finds the Oakland Raiders (2-2) meeting up with long time rivals, the undefeated Denver Broncos (4-0), at O.Co Coliseum Sunday afternoon. There are two tidbits worth mentioning right way. Oakland’s head coach Jack Del Rio is familiar with the Broncos as he was a part of that organization as a defensive coordinator before becoming the Oakland Raider top dog this season. The second is that Denver has beaten the Raiders in their last 8 match-ups. This makes for good football.

Denver has been a formidable opponent especially since Peyton Manning’s came on board.
That being said this year could prove to be a different story. This is not the same Raider  organization that has fielded teams over the past couple years against Manning and crew. Del Rio is at the helm, Derek Carr and Amari Cooper are on the field and continuing to improve and providing the Oakland offense with some solid weapons. The Raider defense is talented and ready for a big breakout with Khalil Mack and Smith. They must be sure to bring the pressure to Manning who isn’t necessarily on his a-game especially with the new offense style that seems to be challenging him to say the least.

There are some notable points worth taking a look at on the Broncos Side…

The Broncos are ranked 2nd in the NFL on defense and a lot of that has to do with Aqib Talib. Yes the Raiders offense is vastly improved with the addition of Amari Cooper but Talib has shown he has what is takes to cause fits for talented wide receivers. His physical press coverage erased the likes of Calvin Johnson and Jeremy Maclin in the early part of this 2105 season. It will be a good match-up to see Talib bringing the pressure to Cooper and visa versa.  We may however see the talented veteran giving a bit of schooling to the top rated rookie.
Manning knows defenses well and can pick them apart where there is the slightest opening. to be sure the Raiders have make significant progress on the defensive side. But Owen Daniels and Virgil Green are likely be able to get open and that’s when you can look for Manning to capitalize on the Raiders slower linebackers. Other teams have gone after the Raiders with the same successful approach all season so the question is can the Raiders make the adjustments and fill those holes on defense.

Derek Carr needs to be aware of the Broncos and their pass attach this week. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware are veterans with solid record against opposing teams. Add the likes of Shane Ray who pulled down his first sack in last week’s gams and add Derek Wolfe who is back from his suspension. The new combinations are an advantage for Denver giving defensive coordinator Wade Phillips’ a myriad of options in his play calling.

On the Raider side Latavius Murray had a rough game against the Bears last week so he needs to shake it off and get back to form. He’s a real threat to opposing defenses and assuming he can fins his a-game he can keep Denver honest and put a crimp in their blitz plans. He simply needs to keep both hands on the ball as the Broncos have seen film of Murray’s two fumbles last week and will be looking to take advantage.
For Carr, he must know Miller and Ware will be coming at him off the edges so make sure to have Helu Jr. in position to take the hot throws when Carr is pressured.
The Raiders are a bit banged up in their defensive backfield and Manning has definitely seen the tape so… the pass rush for the Raiders needs to come strong early and often and set the tone. Otherwise Manning will be throwing a slew of long balls and may have a field day if he gets his rhythm going. Khalil Mack and crew must be present from the start.

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Scott Davis looking forward to the Oakland Raiders taking on the Denver Broncos.

Scott Davis Sees Oakland Raiders Ready To Prove Their Defensive Salt

By Scott Davis, Oakland Raider Blogger

Is the Oakland Raider defense set to reveal just what they are made of this week against the Cleveland Browns? It’s a fair question especially when it is clear they need to improve the one statistic in particular; one that catches everyone’s attention. Sacks! Sure QB pressures and hits are undoubtedly essential and affect outcome but they just don’t deliver the type of game-altering impact that a sack does. The Raider defense is going into game three as last in the league in defense having allowed 444.5 yards per game.

Ken Norton who is the Raiders defensive coordinator knows what’s at stake. But he is also a veteran who knows it’s early on in the 2015 season and there’s some time to make the adjustments necessary for the Raiders to excel. Just don’t wait too long. He knows he has a team with a new mix of players and is counting on them maturing and playing as more of a complete unit as the weeks progress.

The Raiders have faced veteran QB’s in the initial first two game of the season. Point begin such seasoned players know how to get rid of the ball fast which can generate frustration among defenses. With some fine-tuning however the Raiders need to find a plan to slow opposing QB’s down. To be clear it is a total unit effort and not just the responsibility of the defensive front to apply all the pressure. It begins with the rush but having excellent coverage in the secondary is equally relevant to stopping passing attacks. It’s not rocket science but the balance has to be a constant throughout the entirety of every game across the entire season.

The Raiders have their work cut out for them this week as they are facing an opposing offensive line that’s considered among the tops in the league. But great defenses can prove their salt especially against highly rated opposing teams and show the public that they deserve to be respected.

Cleveland’s line has a couple repeat Pro Bowlers and one all-rookie team selection from the 2014 season. They had highly rated second best pass blocking to boot.

Great. Beating them will go a long way to prove the merit of the Raider defensive talent.

As for Cleveland QB McCown, the Raiders face a player who is vulnerable and can go south fast when pressured. Time to retest that theory.

Khalil Mack and crew need to continue to step it up and continue to improve each week. If that happens well soon see the Raider defense we are hoping for.

Scott Davis Sees Oakland Raiders Ready To Prove Their Defensive Salt

Scott Davis posts: Oakland Raiders Fans Blindsided By 2015 Season Opener Against Bengals

by Scott Davis Los Angeles Raiders 

Reality really can bite. The Oakland Raiders were set to prove their worth to the masses in their 2015 season home opener against the Cincinnati Bengals and were backed by buckets of positive spin spread around in abundance throughout this past off-season. Unfortunately all the cheers turned out to muster up only one big collective “Ouch!”. The definition of hype reads like this: Extravagant, intensive, and many times exaggerated publicity or promotion. need we say more? Yes…

The Oakland Raiders had enough supportive content that went to print throughout the preseason. So much that that even the hardcore pessimists were second guessing any inclination to rant against a revived re-surging Raider organization. The ardent onlookers including writers and fans alike were clearly sucked in by the barrage of rhetoric that promoted the expectation of big results for the Raiders. As the saying goes “talk is cheap”! Cheaper than a devalued yaun on the world market.

QB Derek Carr along with receiver Amari Cooper and Latavius Murray where set to rule. The defense, lead by Khalil Mack, offered a plausible rationale to be hopeful the Raiders would more than hold their own. And together the “team” was absolutely ready to compete. Did you hear the brakes slamming and the tires screeching all over the league?

Turns out the team may not be so close to skipping right over the rebuilding process. Based on the Oakland Raiders 2015 season opener they are definitely a team that appears only to be at the very beginning of a lengthy rebuild.

Head coach like Jack Del Rio seemed embarrassed. And who can blame him? The team, to many, appeared to be making some real progress right up through and until last weeks opening performance. What happened? Anything is certainly possible and maybe the Raiders just needed to flush out the butterflies, and get in sync, and fine tune their timing, and…. Oh heck, who are we kidding? In light of this past Sunday’s loss, it appears, obvious even to the layman’s eye, that betting on a Raider playoff run is just plain foolish. Or is it?

Interesting how fast the public tide turns. Now the sportswriters are crashing back to earth with an intensity that suggested their parachutes failed to open and fans and insiders alike are having crow for dinner ( I admit I’m not digging the taste of silver and black feathered bird). After all nobody likes to be that wrong based on their “expertise” backed by years of cumulative experience. Damn emotions can sometimes produce a haze similar to the fog that commonly hangs on the west coastline in the early morning hours. Question is when will the fog burn off and show the Raiders the light of day?

Briefly, the Raiders did lose starter quarterback Derek Carr for the entire game with a hand injury (The good news, according to the x-rays, is that it’s not broken). But the Browns lost their QB starter as well. Wonder what would have been the outcome if the Raiders didn’t have the “home field” advantage? Yikes

The Browns struggled with 5 turnovers and 109 yards in penalties. The Raiders couldn’t capitalize at all and could hide behind no such excuse to soften the blow. At one point Justin Tuck, a Raider defensive end, actually apologized to the crowd looking on.

The Raiders failed at almost every aspect on the statistical comparison. They averaged just 4.0 yards per play and converted only 3 of 12 on 3rd down attempts. On the other side Oakland’s defense allowed 396 yards of total offense against them and not a peep as far as forcing a turnover. No sacks, no nothing. Scoring for the Raider’s didn’t occur until the final quarter of the game; or “garbage time” as it has been referred to.

Undisciplined is a good word to describe the effort which was a under Jack Del Rio’s watch. Offensive play calling was flat and ineffective. Bill Musgrave certainly was not close to his best as O-coordinator.

It was however a record setting day In Oakland. Cincinnati has never left Oakland with a victory before.

The upcoming schedule isn’t pro Raiders by any means. One thing we’ll find out for sure is what kind of character the “new” rebuilding Raiders are made of. Fingers are crossed

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Scott Davis posts: Oakland Raiders Fans Blindsided By 2015 Season Opener Against Bengals

Scott Davis Notables: Oakland Raiders Approach Deadline For Making Final Cuts to Set 53 Man Regular Season Roster

By Scott Davis: Blogs On Oakland Raiders and NFL

The Oakland Raiders have seen a lot of activity going on in this past off season right through the end of the preseason game schedule. Certainly more than most teams could imagine… or handle. to begin, there’s the ever looming question about where their new home will ultimately be. At the same time millions of dollars have been poured into the massive undertaking of building out a stellar new home practice and training facility that was pushed to completion on a incredibly expedited schedule- which they somehow accomplished. And then there’s the players. Head coach Jack Del Rio and GM Reggie McKenzie have been busting their backsides to bring in the right talent over the past year. To this point and all others they are working hard to put the Raiders back on the road to winning seasons. Their end game, one would easily assume, equates to much more than simply walking away at the end of the year with merely a winning record; it is rise up, compete fiercely in the NFL and to be prominent in post season play. Pretty standard stuff.

Tomorrow amounts to an early telltale sign of the result of all their hard work over the past year. It’s time for the new Raider-in-chief to assess his strategy and to move to the next phase. No doubt he faces some difficult decisions ahead as he must cut the roster down to the mandatory 53 players by the September 5th deadline. One particular matter should be very interesting to see play out. The big question is what Del Rio does about Sio Moore.

The future is not so clear, at least at this moment, for Sio Moore. His future with the Oakland Raiders could go one of two ways. Raiders with Moore. Raiders without Moore.

Anyone watching couldn’t help notice Moore had been strictly limited to playing on special teams in the Seahawks game.

Then all of a sudden halfway through the 4th quarter he got some defensive playing time?

What gives?

Del Rio’s answer according to some reporters was that it was all Moore had earned! Whoa.

My sense is they will be keeping Moore. They know what he’s capable of and simply used the Seahawks game to drive home a strong point with Moore. Motivation is a tricky and highly nuanced thing in the NFL and different players quite simply require very different forms of inspiration. It’s up to the people at the top of the coaching/ organizational pyramid to figure it out.

There was no additional detail provided as to why Moore has been kept in a limited role? Crap practices? Lousy attitude? Poor player chemistry? Either way, his future and likelihood of remaining with the Oakland Raiders seems to be questionable to the many watching and waiting.

Does he stay? Get cut? Traded? We’ll soon find out…. Good Luck to Moore. It seems his future lies in his ability to see the forest for the trees. Hope he figures it out

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Scott Davis Notables: Oakland Raiders Approach Deadline For Making Final Cuts to Set 53 Man Regular Season Roster

Scott Davis on the Oakland Raiders Entering A New Season With New Training Facilty

By Scott Davis LA Raiders

As far as top of the line training complexes the Oakland Raiders can now claim they are a team with a facility that rivals many other modernized centers. Although the Raiders are still in the hunt for a permanent place to call their long-term home base they have an impressive place to call home for now. The team had full access to the new “performance center” this past Wednesday after the Napa preseason camp ended. The performance center’s construction timeline was clearly put on the fast track schedule and was essentially completed in about 100 days – roughly half the time needed under normal circumstances.

Included in the brand new development are new practice fields, sans the bits of concrete formerly strewn about various parts of the fields. An impressive 19,000 square foot weight lifting complex also sits adjacent to the fields and offers the players quadruple the amount of equipment as di the former space. Additionally there is a newly added turf field to accommodate practices, walk-throughs and various other types of performance required exercises.  One other noteworthy addition is the high function fuel bar which was personally developed by the folks at Gatorade is apparently meant to assist player performance and recovery so essential to the demands of elite athletes.

The new digs have been characterized by some players as “jaw-dropping” as they search for words to describe this NFL leading state-of-the-art facility.

Jack Del Rio was a big reason this came to fruition as it was a non-negotiable part of his contract and one lead catalyst for him committing to the Oakland Raiders. It has been reported that the cost for the project was somewhere in the vicinity of $8 million. Construction began this off season and was finished just in time for the team to return their regular season home compound.  It is worth mentioning the irony in the Oakland Raiders finally getting this incredible complex while, as it has been reported frequently, they are actively in the market for a new stadium elsewhere. In the meantime the Raiders are under contract-one year lease- to play this seasons home games at the Oakland Coliseum.

Owner Mark Davis has made it no secret he wishes to remain in Oakland where he would like to see a new stadium built for his Raiders. But it is widely known Davis has been negotiating, in an unlikely partnership, along the San Diego Chargers to share a new stadium in Carson California near Los Angeles.

The new training center was the result of a collaboration between new strength and conditioning coach Joe Gomes, director of football administration Tom Delaney and senior vice president of facilities Cheryl Nichols. Gomes stated his input was based on a combination of designs used to build other top quality sports facilities specifically catering to unique needs relevant to football.

Derek Carr make have summed it up best as one rising star and leader of the Oakland Raiders team. “It was even more than I expected. I can’t find more things good to say about it. I’m thankful to Mr. Davis and his family to want to do this for us. It just shows the commitment to excellence. This place has to be the best around.”

Scott Davis on the Oakland Raiders Entering A New Season With New Training Facilty