About Scott Davis

This Scott Davis LA Raider blog has been created to share current and topical news post, up-to-date articles, and relevant NFL and Raider images for the benefit of those interested in the LA Raiders, Oakland Raiders, NFL Football, University of Illinois | Fighting Illini, and Scott Davis Interests

Scott Davis is a former Los Angeles Raider who played for the Raider Organization in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s. Scott Davis is also involved in other endeavors including philanthropic causes, various businesses, and produces and writes additional websites and blogs

This blog site, which is continually updated, distributes current information with respect to LA Raider Articles and relevant Oakland Raider news posts. The blog contains original articles by Scott Davis combined with news occasionally sourced from top news writers dedicated to informing the public and fans about the Raiders, its many players- present and past- their stories and ongoing activities, the Raider Organization, owner Mark Davis, GM Reggie McKenzie and coach Jack Del Rio plus other Raider coaches and management. Included are select Raider images or links to off site images of Raider team members, coaches, owners,and athletes in the NFL and NCAA.

The NFL is a dynamic and highly popular sports league made up of elite teams and exceptionally talented athletes generating a tremendous amount of information and news available every day throughout the year. It can be difficult to decipher which articles and sites promote and highlight the better more timely writers and news stories. This blog specifically follows Scott Davis Interests relevant to the Oakland Raiders, former LA Raider members and info along with news updates and posts with stories that provide timely insights about the goings-on surrounding the Raider Franchise. This is for the die-hards who loyal fans of the Raiders, of the NFL and of football at all levels.

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