Scott Davis Reports Raiders To Remain In Oakland At Least For 2016 Season

Scott Davis reports on the Oakland Raiders and their ongoing search for a new home stadium

After months of being kept in the dark, the Oakland Raiders have formally committed to remain in their current home stadium at least for the 2016 NFL season. however that agreement is a single season commitment putting the Raiders right back in a state of limbo once that deal has passed.

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis agreed to a one-year lease extension to continue playing at the Coliseum through this coming NFL season where they have been for just over 21 years after leaving their last home stadium, the LA Coliseum, in the mid 90’s.

The current deal does include two option years. the O. Coliseum is the only stadium that is shared by and NFL franchise and a MLB franchise. the raider organization has made is clear they want their own dedicated venue and it appears they will continue to seek a deal that gives them just that.

So regardless to the two year option it may be safe to say the Raiders will actively continue to square a deal that would likely have them in a new home stadium in the not too distant future.

All eyes now are fixed on what will transpire with regard to the San Diego Chargers and their decision about whether or not they  join the Rams and share a new Los Angeles stadium once the rams move form their current home in St. Louis. The Chargers it seems to choose whether or not to make the move and have nearly a full year to make that decision. After that the Oakland Riders are next in line to decide if they would then take the steps to share the new LA stadium digs with the Rams.

too keep things interesting, as if they could get any more so, have courted the Raiders trying to entice them to move out of Oakland. Two such possible places are San Antonio, and St. Louis where new stadium deals could be forged drawing the Raiders into Midwestern market places outside of California.

The Raiders and Mark Davis have hired an expert consultant Larry MacNeil who held the title of  CFO for the San Francisco 49ers over  period of ten years. He has been brought on board to negotiate on behalf of the Oakland Raiders as they continue talks with the City of Oakland and Alameda County to build a new stadium for the Raiders in Oakland.

MacNeil was notably instrumental in the negotiations that delivered the 49ers’ a  brand new stadium in Santa Clara fans saw  Super Bowl 50 take place a couple weeks back.

Mark Davis has continued to make it clear he finds the Oakland A’s responsible for throwing roadblocks in his way as he has continued to work on striking a new stadium deal in Oakland.

“There’s an elephant in the room and that’s the Oakland A’s,” Davis said. “They have to make a commitment to what they want to do.” Raider’s owner Davis said the Oakland A’s lease “tied our hands behind our back. Now it’s up to the A’s to make a declaration of what they want to do. If they don’t do that, I don’t see how we can make a deal.”

The Oakland A’s baseball owner has made it clear he wants to build his new stadium in the O. Coliseum’s parking lot. The Raiders object claiming that parking area is a strong part of Raider fan tailgating where they come together for home game throughout every season. “We like the game day experience of tailgating on that parking lot,” Davis said. “We don’t want to give that up.”

Recently The Oakland A’s released a statement that the Raiders new short term deal “does not change the Oakland A’s goal of securing a baseball-only facility. We are aggressively working with the city of Oakland and relevant stakeholders to evaluate venue sites.”

So for now the Oakland Raiders will stay put as well as the Oakland A’s but don’t look for this ongoing dilemma to fade away any time soon. Its just a matter of time before either organization gets what they are seeking.

Forwarded by Scott Davis, former LA Raider reporting on the status of the NFL’s Raiders and their future.


Scott Davis Reports Raiders To Remain In Oakland At Least For 2016 Season

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