Scott Davis of the LA Raiders On The Oakland Raiders Future Home Field Still Up In The Air

Scott Davis Raiders Football NFL

Here’s what’s happening regarding the inevitable move of one or two NFL teams to the Los Angeles market. The league confirmed the Raiders, Chargers and Rams, as expected, have forwarded proposals relevant to their bids to make such a move by close of business o yesterday. The Rams are proposing to build a extravagant  new stadium in Inglewood, California, and the Chargers and the Raiders are uncharacteristically uniting to propose their own new stadium in Carson, California. Both are considered the LA market. The proposals are quite substantial and significant. “The proposed Inglewood stadium can host an additional 30,000 fans to support standing room only fan attendees. Thus there is a greater shared ticket revenues through the regular season, postseason and Super Bowl, paraphrasing content from the Rams’ application.

And the owners collectively are presented with making a decision as to which proposal exactly is most favorable to the “league’s collective interests” should such a move to take place. The owners will begin a series of votes today in Houston concerning the complicated matter.

To add to the excitement surrounding the whole situation Jerry Jones is now in the mix with the various proposals concerning teams that are vying to move their franchises to the Los Angeles market. Along the way he may have positioned himself as an Oakland Raider fans 2nd favorite league owner. Why?

Jones has injected himself into the dilemma surrounding which team is a best fit for the LA market. The Cowboys owner has officially offered a proposal that suggests the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers be the two teams to share a new stadium in Inglewood California. Therefore, and based on his insights, the Raiders would remain in Oakland next season.

Ultimately the decision falls on a vote by the rest of the NFL team owners who essentially hold the fate of which team, if any, will make the move the Los Angeles which once was home to both the then LA Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams. It could be that Jones proposal is an early indicator of who is likely to make the move which should leave the Oakland fans feeling pretty good about their team remaining in Oakland.

The NFL’s head cheese, Commissioner Roger Goodell, distributed a lengthy 48-page report to all NFL owners this past Saturday basically making all aware that Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers had not been supplied credible stadium proposals respective to and from their current home stadium cities. This coming from a news reporter source who has seen the report first hand.

Bottom line is the St. Louis plan “lacked certainty” according to the source based on the fact that is relied on significantly more financial support from the league than it had been promised and would most likely need even more government approvals to get it done.

At the same time Oakland didn’t even offer a completed stadium proposal, and San Diego’s assurance of $350 million dollars promised toward a new local home football stadium is contingent on a public vote.

If St. Louis’ proposal to remain in St. Louis had been embraced by the league, it could have paved the way for owners to approve the Raiders’ and Chargers’ joint $1.7 billion stadium proposal in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson California. The St Louis Rams are pitching a competing $1.86 billion stadium in Inglewood.

Goodell’s report, according to the source, informed league owners that both proposed Los Angeles stadiums “were ready for development,” although he did not offer any sort of recommendation as the decision is clearly the responsibility of the owners relative to approving which teams make the move.

The vote is set to take place when all owners assemble today in Houston.

At this point the word is that neither stadium proposal is likely to get the required 24 votes, although a Chargers and Rams scenario has been gaining some traction. Additionally Jones who is one of the league’s most powerful owners going all in backing the Rams’ Inglewood stadium proposal.

To add to the drama such an Inglewood scenario makes sense based on the facts that San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos is considered to have the highest percentage of support among owners concerning a move and the St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is in the top 2 richest owners in the League.

On top of the momentum the Rams and Chargers seem to have, it has become fairly common knowledge the Raiders don’t have the funds and organizational capacity to be a viable candidate for a move to the Los Angeles marketplace.

Although the deck seems increasingly stacked against the Raiders managing a move Spanos has publically remained steadfast in teaming up with the Oakland Raiders.

Time will tell. Money talks and under the right circumstances big deals like this many times work out quite differently as incentives change and looming deadlines approach.

Scott Davis of the LA Raiders On The Oakland Raiders Future Home Field Still Up In The Air

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