Scott Davis Reports: Oakland Raiders Staying Put In Oakland For a Few More Years

Scott Davis Los Angeles Raiders 

The Oakland Raiders have decided to fork out $3.5 million for the lease and rights to play in the Coliseum this coming season. The new rent total roughly equates to three times the amount the Raider Organization paid in 2015.

Last year’s seasonal rent total for the Raiders was approximately $925,000, based on what was reported and according to the Bay Area News Group.

The new agreement has been reportedly inked between the Oakland Raiders and the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Joint Powers Authority. The latest agreement initially signed in February is essentially a one-year extension which also includes two further years of team options beginning in 2017 and ending after the 2018 season.

The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Authority gave its official approval of the recently drafted agreement last Friday. As the case with many contracts that’s not the end of the story; it is now on to the Alameda County Board of Supervisors and Oakland City Council for their independent stamps of approval.

Many might be wondering why the rent has increased at such a rate. One might also be inclined to imagine that such increases amount to a form extortion given the fact that the Raiders have been actively negotiating- to little avail- for a new stadium both in Oakland and elsewhere. Scott McKibben, who is the executive director of the Coliseum authority, began with informing inquiring minds that the rent increase accounts for growing costs associated with game day security and other “factors”. Factors?

He continued to provide statements like “We’re more or less trying to pass along some of these (costs) to the Raiders which is not unlike any other NFL team. McKibben continues “I spent a lot of time visiting with a lot of other NFL teams and this has been customary throughout the league. And quite honestly at the end of the day the Raiders were very cooperative with us on that.” Well if the Raiders have been “quite cooperative” then it’s difficult to cry foul…I guess.

So the stadium musical chairs continues. To date the St. Louis Rams were given the official thumbs up by the NFL the past January to make the long reported wish to move to the Los Angeles market. Additionally the San Diego Chargers now have the option- also approved by the NFL- to join the Rams in their new digs set to be completed several years from now (the 2019 season) in Inglewood, California.

The Oakland Raiders remain in a holding pattern and could continue on their path to find a new home after the 2016 season but they are being held captive and forced to wait only until after the San Diego Chargers make up their minds about whether not they decide to share a new home field with the Rams.

In the meantime the Oakland Raiders head honcho Mark Davis continues to consider his team’s future status by with other cities. One scenario being explored but highly unlikely for many reasons- namely being in a gambling town and the NFL objections to it- is a stadium in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sands Corp. has reportedly put forward a $1 billion domed stadium project in close proximity to UNLV- between the airport and the Vegas Strip. The last publically reported meeting regarding a Vegas option was when Mark Davis met with Sands chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson this past January.

Scott Davis Reports: Oakland Raiders Staying Put In Oakland For a Few More Years

Scott Davis Reports Raiders To Remain In Oakland At Least For 2016 Season

Scott Davis reports on the Oakland Raiders and their ongoing search for a new home stadium

After months of being kept in the dark, the Oakland Raiders have formally committed to remain in their current home stadium at least for the 2016 NFL season. however that agreement is a single season commitment putting the Raiders right back in a state of limbo once that deal has passed.

Oakland Raiders owner Mark Davis agreed to a one-year lease extension to continue playing at the Coliseum through this coming NFL season where they have been for just over 21 years after leaving their last home stadium, the LA Coliseum, in the mid 90’s.

The current deal does include two option years. the O. Coliseum is the only stadium that is shared by and NFL franchise and a MLB franchise. the raider organization has made is clear they want their own dedicated venue and it appears they will continue to seek a deal that gives them just that.

So regardless to the two year option it may be safe to say the Raiders will actively continue to square a deal that would likely have them in a new home stadium in the not too distant future.

All eyes now are fixed on what will transpire with regard to the San Diego Chargers and their decision about whether or not they  join the Rams and share a new Los Angeles stadium once the rams move form their current home in St. Louis. The Chargers it seems to choose whether or not to make the move and have nearly a full year to make that decision. After that the Oakland Riders are next in line to decide if they would then take the steps to share the new LA stadium digs with the Rams.

too keep things interesting, as if they could get any more so, have courted the Raiders trying to entice them to move out of Oakland. Two such possible places are San Antonio, and St. Louis where new stadium deals could be forged drawing the Raiders into Midwestern market places outside of California.

The Raiders and Mark Davis have hired an expert consultant Larry MacNeil who held the title of  CFO for the San Francisco 49ers over  period of ten years. He has been brought on board to negotiate on behalf of the Oakland Raiders as they continue talks with the City of Oakland and Alameda County to build a new stadium for the Raiders in Oakland.

MacNeil was notably instrumental in the negotiations that delivered the 49ers’ a  brand new stadium in Santa Clara fans saw  Super Bowl 50 take place a couple weeks back.

Mark Davis has continued to make it clear he finds the Oakland A’s responsible for throwing roadblocks in his way as he has continued to work on striking a new stadium deal in Oakland.

“There’s an elephant in the room and that’s the Oakland A’s,” Davis said. “They have to make a commitment to what they want to do.” Raider’s owner Davis said the Oakland A’s lease “tied our hands behind our back. Now it’s up to the A’s to make a declaration of what they want to do. If they don’t do that, I don’t see how we can make a deal.”

The Oakland A’s baseball owner has made it clear he wants to build his new stadium in the O. Coliseum’s parking lot. The Raiders object claiming that parking area is a strong part of Raider fan tailgating where they come together for home game throughout every season. “We like the game day experience of tailgating on that parking lot,” Davis said. “We don’t want to give that up.”

Recently The Oakland A’s released a statement that the Raiders new short term deal “does not change the Oakland A’s goal of securing a baseball-only facility. We are aggressively working with the city of Oakland and relevant stakeholders to evaluate venue sites.”

So for now the Oakland Raiders will stay put as well as the Oakland A’s but don’t look for this ongoing dilemma to fade away any time soon. Its just a matter of time before either organization gets what they are seeking.

Forwarded by Scott Davis, former LA Raider reporting on the status of the NFL’s Raiders and their future.


Scott Davis Reports Raiders To Remain In Oakland At Least For 2016 Season

Scott Davis Raiders on The Oakland Raiders May Make Mexico City Their Home…For One Game

Forwarded by Scott Davis LA Raiders

Based on a recent article in the  Houston Chronicle, the Houston Texans current owner Bob McNair and the organization’s president Jamey Rootes have applied a certain pressure on the National Football League to support thier wish to schedule an regular season away game in Mexico City based on a growing fan base south of the US border.

Adding the caveat however that he wasnt interest making it a home game in Mexico, McNair claimed he felt that an “away” game would be a clear opportunity to appeal to the growing legion of Mexican fans.

“We’ve always expressed that we have an interest in participating internationally as a road team (and), we’ve made it clear that we were most interested in doing that in Mexico,” Rootes professed the media. “It’s an amazing opportunity for teams and the league.” He continued, “Mexico City is a logical choice for a team like the Texans. We’d be a great ambassador for the league.” Noone however, took up with the looming political facts that there are historic tensions respective to the current status with the countries illegal immigrant dilemma.

The Raiders, with troubles securing a new stadium deal in Oakland and the prospect of moving, look like an ideal team to host a home game far away from home. the Raiders also have a large hispanic fllowing here in the States and especially in California.

A game set between the Houston Texans and the Oakland Raiders would not be the first National Football League regular season game in Mexico City. Back in 2005 the Arizona Cardinals played and beat the San Francisco 49ers with a final score of 31–14 at the Estadio Azteca arena in Mexico City. It holds the honor of being the very first regular season game played south of the US border in Mexico.

the game in Mexico city drew a record breaking crowd of 103,467 enthusiatic spectators Since then however that record has been surpassed.

The league isnt shy about expanding the NFL appeal abroad and across borders into foriegn territory.  Over the years both preseason and regular season games alike have beed played in destinations such as the United Kingdom, Japan, Canada, and Mexico.

Scott Davis Raiders on The Oakland Raiders May Make Mexico City Their Home…For One Game

Oakland Raiders and the Defense of the 2016 Season

Forwarded by Scott Davis former Los Angeles Raider

The Oakland Raiders have finished a season that didn’t conclude with a trip to the playoffs, but it was a season of sizable improvement nonetheless. The Raider team as a squad was much better than anyone have witnessed in quite some time. There is no doubt that the Raiders are a team n the right direction and will be a cempetitive force seasons. However, there are still some gapping holes on this roster that must be addressed.

And in the minds of many, the biggest divide the Raiders need to address is quite possibly the offensive line. At least, it is according to self proclaime industry experts as well as the many folks who jumped on that band wagon quickly after the saeson ended.

 The fact is the Raiders could use some upgrades along the line. Donald Penn – assuming the team does the smart thing and re-signs him – and Gabe Jackson have one side of the line nailed down tight. And Rodney Hudson is a solid anchor in the middle. Most believe that it’s on that other side of the line – the J’Marcus Webb andAustin Howard side of the line – that could stand to be upgraded a bit.

but in the interst of wht is best or a top priority….

Upgrading that side of the line should not be the biggest concern this offseason. And certainly not enough to warrant using a first round pick to do it. The Oakland Raiders should take an extensive peek around the free agent market if they see upgrading their right side of the line as imperitive. There are plenty of players to be had with tlent that couod fill thge holes in the offensive line – and more importantly, veteran established players like Russell Okung and Andre Smith perhaps – who are going to be available soon.

But then again, if something isn’t broken, why try to fix it?

some have identified Webb and Howard as being sub average – or at least the weaker aspects of the current Oakland line. However, PFF  ranked the Raiders’ offensive line as an overall sixth best in the entire NFL. Hmmm? Many would agree that the offensive line was one of the Raider’s biggest shortcomings prior to and early on in the 2015 season. But… and it indeed became one of the team’s biggest strengths. That’s impressive bt anyones terms.

The line did a decent job protecting  Derek Carr enough to alow him to pass for just under 4,000 yardswhile also plowing the way Latavius Murray to become a pro bowler caliber palayer and Oakland’s first 1,000 yard rusher since Darren McFadden surpassed the threshold in 2010. Under the coaching asvvy of Mike Tice, Oakland’s offensive line was , regaless of the naysayers, one of the NFL’s better units in 2015.

If you can secure an upgrade through free agncy that would be a good win for the Raiders.  top draft selection in the name of the offensive line would be a mistake in a line that is getting the job done by most terms.   Especially in light of some larger needs that ned to be address.

The biggest and most obvious need is in the Raider’s secondary. Charles Woodson is retiring, so the team need to fill the safety position– although that need could  possibly be filled out well by signing somebody like Eric Weddle. What the Raiders desperately need is a cornerback who can make some plays. Beyond David Amerson, the Raiders’ corners wernt producing the best results by any terms. Travis Carrie had an sub average season for a consistency basis and D.J. Hayden provided little to write home about. Carrie has the talent and plenty of upside and could be a solid slot corner. The Raiders might consider transitioning him over at the safety spot sinc ehe has proven in 2015 he could handle the role.

If the draft sloting works out the Raiders might be best served by taking a hard look at Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey or Clemson’s Mackensie Alexander.  those two have the talent and athleticism that may very well mesh well at the pro level.

Additionally the Raiders could really use a linebacker who could hold down duties in the realm of pass coverage.  Some solid talent exists n the team now but it not hard to remeber the, Oakland’s linebackers getting the short end of the stick on a good chunk of pass plays in 2015. Curtis Lofton ended up being more of a liability than the asset the organization has hoped for.

Neiron Ball was a unexpected surprise in 2015 as he proved capable at both run and pass defense, but his season was cut short by injury.

Somewhere it became a popular mantra  that defense wins championships. Arizona v. Carolina, Denver v New England featured 4 teams who had defenses ranked in the top ten this season. Superbowl matchup teams – Denver and Carolina-  have the first and sixth ranked defenses in the NFL in 2015.

Jack Del Rio knows that is takes awesome defenses to win big a the end of the day. Coach Del Rio has committed to building a defensive powerhouse in Oakland.

Kiper is dead wrong- no new insight. The Raiders don’t need to use their first round pick on an offensive lineman. The offense where the needs are most. Defense brings home the bacon.

Oakland Raiders and the Defense of the 2016 Season

Scott Davis of the LA Raiders On The Oakland Raiders Future Home Field Still Up In The Air

Scott Davis Raiders Football NFL

Here’s what’s happening regarding the inevitable move of one or two NFL teams to the Los Angeles market. The league confirmed the Raiders, Chargers and Rams, as expected, have forwarded proposals relevant to their bids to make such a move by close of business o yesterday. The Rams are proposing to build a extravagant  new stadium in Inglewood, California, and the Chargers and the Raiders are uncharacteristically uniting to propose their own new stadium in Carson, California. Both are considered the LA market. The proposals are quite substantial and significant. “The proposed Inglewood stadium can host an additional 30,000 fans to support standing room only fan attendees. Thus there is a greater shared ticket revenues through the regular season, postseason and Super Bowl, paraphrasing content from the Rams’ application.

And the owners collectively are presented with making a decision as to which proposal exactly is most favorable to the “league’s collective interests” should such a move to take place. The owners will begin a series of votes today in Houston concerning the complicated matter.

To add to the excitement surrounding the whole situation Jerry Jones is now in the mix with the various proposals concerning teams that are vying to move their franchises to the Los Angeles market. Along the way he may have positioned himself as an Oakland Raider fans 2nd favorite league owner. Why?

Jones has injected himself into the dilemma surrounding which team is a best fit for the LA market. The Cowboys owner has officially offered a proposal that suggests the St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers be the two teams to share a new stadium in Inglewood California. Therefore, and based on his insights, the Raiders would remain in Oakland next season.

Ultimately the decision falls on a vote by the rest of the NFL team owners who essentially hold the fate of which team, if any, will make the move the Los Angeles which once was home to both the then LA Raiders and the Los Angeles Rams. It could be that Jones proposal is an early indicator of who is likely to make the move which should leave the Oakland fans feeling pretty good about their team remaining in Oakland.

The NFL’s head cheese, Commissioner Roger Goodell, distributed a lengthy 48-page report to all NFL owners this past Saturday basically making all aware that Oakland Raiders, St. Louis Rams and San Diego Chargers had not been supplied credible stadium proposals respective to and from their current home stadium cities. This coming from a news reporter source who has seen the report first hand.

Bottom line is the St. Louis plan “lacked certainty” according to the source based on the fact that is relied on significantly more financial support from the league than it had been promised and would most likely need even more government approvals to get it done.

At the same time Oakland didn’t even offer a completed stadium proposal, and San Diego’s assurance of $350 million dollars promised toward a new local home football stadium is contingent on a public vote.

If St. Louis’ proposal to remain in St. Louis had been embraced by the league, it could have paved the way for owners to approve the Raiders’ and Chargers’ joint $1.7 billion stadium proposal in the Los Angeles suburb of Carson California. The St Louis Rams are pitching a competing $1.86 billion stadium in Inglewood.

Goodell’s report, according to the source, informed league owners that both proposed Los Angeles stadiums “were ready for development,” although he did not offer any sort of recommendation as the decision is clearly the responsibility of the owners relative to approving which teams make the move.

The vote is set to take place when all owners assemble today in Houston.

At this point the word is that neither stadium proposal is likely to get the required 24 votes, although a Chargers and Rams scenario has been gaining some traction. Additionally Jones who is one of the league’s most powerful owners going all in backing the Rams’ Inglewood stadium proposal.

To add to the drama such an Inglewood scenario makes sense based on the facts that San Diego Chargers owner Dean Spanos is considered to have the highest percentage of support among owners concerning a move and the St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke is in the top 2 richest owners in the League.

On top of the momentum the Rams and Chargers seem to have, it has become fairly common knowledge the Raiders don’t have the funds and organizational capacity to be a viable candidate for a move to the Los Angeles marketplace.

Although the deck seems increasingly stacked against the Raiders managing a move Spanos has publically remained steadfast in teaming up with the Oakland Raiders.

Time will tell. Money talks and under the right circumstances big deals like this many times work out quite differently as incentives change and looming deadlines approach.

Scott Davis of the LA Raiders On The Oakland Raiders Future Home Field Still Up In The Air

Scott Davis reports on Disney’s Iger Helping the Oakland Raiders In Los Angeles

Scott Davis Los Angeles Raiders forwards article…

Part II: More on Iger the NFL, the Raiders, and Chargers in Los Angeles…

Continued…Iger shared information a number of related topics including his participation and his ideas specific to how to league should return to the country’s 2nd largest big city market.

Here’s a brief from Iger on exactly why it was that he decided to get more deeply involved with a team or teams moving to LA: “I think it would be great for the community to have an NFL team. It’s high time that we have that. I really was interested in the civic side of this. But I’ve also thought about my life post-Disney and how I would spend my time and my energy. The opportunity to be involved with either an NFL team, or in this case two NFL teams and a stadium project, and using my experience that I’ve obviously gained from Disney over these years to successfully move two teams here, I thought that would be a great next step for me.” Long story short Disney’s is in LA and it would be possibly mutually beneficial for the NFL to be there as well.

Iger was asked what it is that he delivers by being involved in this situation: “When you run the Walt Disney Co., you gain a fair amount of experience in customer-facing businesses, particularly in site-based entertainment. I have a lot of experience in marketing, a lot of experience in selling, particularly tickets to site-based entertainment or movies or whatever. “I have tremendous brand experience. What I do a lot for Disney is manage the great brands of this company, whether it’s Disney, ESPN, ABC, Pixar, Marvel, ‘Star Wars.’ And I’m very engaged in technology and its impact on the consumer, either what experience you deliver for them or how to market and sell to them.”

When pressed on the Carson project specifically: “There’s a tremendous amount of support for Carson. What I’m trying to do is articulate not just the vision for the project itself but the values of Carson and the specific value of two teams moving at once as well as the value of the project itself and the location.”

Iger was the asked about the relevance or importance of Orange County California: “Orange County is a big, important market, and a football market too, particularly for the Chargers. So I think Carson is really well located to attract people both from L.A .County and Orange County and even possibly north San Diego County, particularly on a Sunday, when traffic is less of an issue.”

He went on to speak his thoughts on defines as “repositioning” the brand of the Oakland Raiders: “I think it’s incumbent upon us to make sure it doesn’t scare people away, in how you portray yourself, how you present yourself to the public is one way to do that. And I think with a large new stadium where you have the ability to attract a real diverse fan base, diverse geographically, diverse ethnically and diverse from an age perspective, I think you have a shot at doing that.”

Careful Mr. Iger, that could be taken as a shot at the current fan base that fills the stadium in Alameda county.

Iger went for the safe neutral answer when asked about which NFL he prefers to see in the Los Angeles marketplace: “I’m a big believer in theatricality, so if you’re going to bring the NFL back to a market this big, this important, then do it big. And two is much bigger than one and I really think it would create such a level of excitement and interest in the NFL in Los Angeles that it would do a world of good not just to the league but the teams.”

Perhaps the biggest question other than which teams may make the move is “when”: “I am gaining more and more confidence that the league … believes it is time to move a team or teams to L.A. I feel that they now hear the footsteps, to use a football analogy, and that the league believes it’s good for them to do it now. They’ve debated it and considered it for a long time, and now it’s time.”

Scott Davis reports on Disney’s Iger Helping the Oakland Raiders In Los Angeles

Scott Davis former NFL Raider Has More On The Oakland Raiders Moving Back To The L.A. Market

Forwarded by Scott Davis Los Angeles Raiders 

Not much time is left in 2015 for the NFL‘s  to get a NFL franchise to return to the LA market. At least not for the 2016 season. Enter once more  the Disney Chairman and Chief Executive Robert Iger who is doubling down on his determination to bring the San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders Los Angeles.

Iger is not shy about making his efforts and feelings known. “I’ve been selling hard,” Iger said Thursday as he shared his first public statements on the matter. For those not aware the Chargers and Raiders publicized his in November he was involved in an effort to move the two NFL teams to a new- not yet built stadium- in Carson California.

It is an interesting situation to be sure. Iger, who has 2 years left on his contract with Disney, has emphatically agreed to step in and spearhead the NFL efforts if in fact the League owners select Carson instead of the Inglewood stadium proposal sought by St. Louis Rams owner Stan Kroenke. Part of an Iger-NFL deal stipulates he would only take$1 in salary in such a partnership but would receive an ownership stake in the Chargers and Raiders. Very interesting indeed.

Apparently Iger is a longtime NFL fanatic and has stated he had been a Packer fan since a he was a young boy. And if anyone were to question his love for the Green Bay Packer he’ll just point to the bust of Hall of Fame coach Vince Lombardi he has just outside his Disney headquarters office.

Iger was available to multiple media outlets past Thursday where Disney has its Burbank, California Headquarters. He gave a 30 minute interview with print reporters. Iger stated he was originally approached by the Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson, while meeting with him in L.A. this past summer.

According to Iger the gist of that conversation went like this…”He (Richardson) asked whether I’d be interested in helping very specifically the partnership of the Raiders and Chargers move to L.A., develop a stadium, reposition themselves here”. “I engaged in conversations with Jerry, and then with both entities.”

So that relationship may possibly ruffle some feathers throughout the league based on the fact that Richardson is a member of the Committee on Los Angeles Opportunities, which is composed of six owners who make recommendations to the other 26 owners around the NFL. Can you csay conflict of interest? It is -or was- generally assumed that these committee members are neutral, objective, whatever. Richardson has openly claimed he backs the Carson project.

Iger say however that he did not immediately inform the league he had had those early conversations with Richardson. “When Jerry approached me, he asked for some degree of confidentiality. I didn’t discuss it until much later with the league.”

The NFL has January 12-13 on the calendar to hold a special meeting in Houston when owners could vote on weather or not the St Louis Rams, San Diego Chargers and Oakland Raiders have fulfilled their respective relocation requirements. They will also vote on various aspects of the two L.A. plans. For such plans to pass muster, any such initiative requires the approval of a three-quarters majority of NFL owners, which means 24 votes. Iger is not saying definitively if he will attend the Houston meetings.

More on Iger the NFL, the Raiders, and Chargers in the Next Blog…

Scott Davis former NFL Raider Has More On The Oakland Raiders Moving Back To The L.A. Market